Bakuchiol Booster ("Retinol Serum"), 15 ml

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Here you have a first-class serum boosted with fantastic Bakuchiol! Nature's own source of retinol! Bakuchiol Booster smoothes fine lines and makes your skin silky soft!


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Bakuchiol Booster makes your skin silky soft!

The Bybi Beauty series Bakuchiol Booster is a 100% natural oil serum that contains 1% Bakuchiol oil and 99% squalene.

Bakuchiol is a natural source of vitamin A. Bakuchiol is said to speed up collagen production and dramatically change the skin.

You conjure up a youthful glow and smooth skin! Tired skin becomes a thing of the past, and fine lines are blurred. Because retinol itself is powerful and effective, it is usually not recommended for sensitive skin. Bakuchiol, however, makes an exception.


Studies have shown that bakuchiol works just like regular retinol. It stimulates collagen production, improves skin elasticity, and promotes the skin's recovery process. Bakuchiol usually does not cause any side effects typical of retinol. Together with the squalene, the serum softens the skin and is a super booster for the skin!


Use : Bybis Bakuchiol Booster is designed to boost your evening skincare routine. You can use it well with other products. Add a few drops of Booster to your serum, cream, or balm and apply on the face and neck. You can also use the Booster directly on the skin, just like a serum.

INCI: Squalane (Olive), Bakuchiol

  • Origin United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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"Perfect serum choice also for men. The scent is mild, and the texture is sufficient, so it´s okay to splurge a bit. After one week of use, skin looks smooth and bright."

- Jussi

"My trustworthy serum that makes skin glow! Works perfectly also together with dermarolling in evenings. Next morning you face feels soft like baby’s skin."

- Annina