Honduras Decaf Coffee Beans, 250 g

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Rich aromatic dark roasted coffee - even when you want to avoid caffeine! Grind your own delicious coffee!


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Dark roasted robust coffee beans!

A tasty, decaffeinated coffee experience from Cafetoria also as beans! This dark-roasted and full-bodied coffee allow you to enjoy your coffee even when you want to avoid caffeine.

Grind your own beans and enjoy fresh coffee!

The flavor profile of this charming taste experience includes the aromas of grapes, dark chocolate, and dates.

Sweet and juicy coffee experience! Cafetoria's #resistcaffeine range of coffee made from quality beans has been decaffeinated without chemicals. No limits. Love coffee, resist caffeine!

Honduras Decaf coffee bean

  • Origin Honduras
  • EAN: 6430021042743
  • SKU: CAFETO-6430021042743