Mexico Altura Decaf - ground coffee, 250 g

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The supreme nobility of decaffeinated coffees!


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Royalty of the decafs!

Tasty, decaffeinated coffee experience from a Cafetoria!

This dark-roasted and rich coffee lets you enjoy your coffee even when you want to avoid caffeine.

The flavor profile of this charming taste experience includes aromas of grapes, dark chocolate and dates. Sweet and juicy coffee experience!

Cafetoria's #resistcaffeine range of coffee made from quality beans has been decaffeinated without chemicals. No limits. Love coffee, resist caffeine!

Ingredients: Arabica coffee beans * * = organic

  • Origin Mexico
  • EAN: 6430021040220
  • SKU: CAFETO-6430021040220
  • Packaging text: EN, FI

"If you want to change for a decaff coffee, this is perfect for you! You won´t have to miss anything since you won´t even notice the difference comparing regular coffee. I like the taste of coffee, but I´m so sensitive to stimulants, so sometimes I have to wait until my gears go down after drinking regular coffee. This one I can sip without extra hype and enjoy the taste <3"

- Jonna