Seaveg roasted seaweed, turmeric, 4 g

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Mouthwatering seaweed chips spiced up with turmeric!


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Mouthwatering seaweed chips spiced up with turmeric!

Seaweed chips topped with awesome turmeric are a convenient and nutritious savory snack or a tiny snack.

Clearspring series chips made from pure ingredients are baked from pure ingredients and fried at very high temperatures for just a few seconds.

There are only four ingredients: nori seaweed grown in the clean waters of the Korean coast, refined sea salt, turmeric and sunflower oil.

Be a pioneer of healthy cooking - now grab trendy, adorable salty seaweed chips to chew on!!

Light, thin and crunchy snacks can be enjoyed as it is. You can also serve them with sushi or sprinkle on salads.

contains an average of 2100mcg / 100g of iodine.

promotes normal cognitive function and energy metabolism, normal function of nervous system, and normal thyroid function. It also helps keep the skin normal.

Roasted Nori seaweed* (62%), sunflower oil*, sea salt, turmeric* (2%). Organic quality.

  • Origin Republic of Korea
  • EAN: 5021554005391
  • SKU: CLEARS-5021554002543

"Yammy, just like that or added to salad. I liked it a lot, and it reminded me of sushi : )"

- Nadine