English Breakfast Tea, 44 g

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20 tea bags

Sip your senses sharp in an organic way!


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Sip your senses sharp!

Organic Fair trade black tea (20 tea bags per pack) created for your mornings and for your evenings.

This is a superb blend of the best, organically grown Assam and Ceylon teas, conveniently packaged in a bag.

Here's a refreshing and invigorating tea to enjoy anytime!

Clipper is a global leader in Fair trade organic, herbal teas and cocoa beverages. Clipper is a pioneer in its field, having launched such products as the original fair trade tea, the first organic Freeze-Dried instant coffee and the first organic cocoa drink.

Ingredients: Organically grown black tea.

  • Origin United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • EAN: 5021991941573
  • SKU: CLIPPE-5021991010217