Beard growth roller

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Boost for beard and hair growth and skin care!


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Boost for beard and hair growth and skin care!

Using a Beard Roller, or Beard Growth Roller, helps you get more out of shaving oils and lotions. The roller opens the pores of the skin, allowing the products to be better absorbed. The roller also accelerates the beard's growth and stimulates the blood circulation and metabolism of the skin, and stimulates the skin's regeneration.


1. Wash your face and beard with a mild detergent or cleanser. Dry your face and beard.
2. Place the Roller on the area to be lightly treated, roll back and forth, and allow the microneedles to press into the skin lightly. Do not push hard. (Blood does not need and should not flow!)
3. Apply shaving oil to the area after rolling.
4. Wash the Roller after each use.

Test and feel the power!

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