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Djusie's body brush is intended for performing a body dry brushing ritual. When done regularly, it increases the vitality of the body and skin!


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With the Djusie body brush, you can get the lymphatic fluids flowing and feel refreshed!

The Djusien Body Brush is designed for dry body brushing. When done regularly, dry brushing promotes the renewal of skin cells and the skin's metabolism and enhances the intake of oxygen and nutrients. Dry body brushing activates the flow of lymphatic fluids and accelerates the removal of waste materials from the body.

Dry brushing is indeed an effortless and rewarding ritual, the effects of which you can quickly notice in your body and in your mood!

Use: Dry brushing is suitable for all skin types, but damaged skin should not be brushed. Always brush dry skin. The goal of the Djusie body brushing ritual is to invigorate lymphatic circulation. A warm or cold shower after brushing cancels the effects of the treatment - that's why it's important to always dry brush after showering. We recommend dry brushing the body daily, according to the instructions of the Djusie dry brushing ritual.

Natural bristles and FSC-certified beech


The brush is made in Germany at a prestigious and traditional factory that has been operating for more than 150 years.


Bristles: natural bristles (boar bristles, China. Meat industry by-product)


Wood: FSC-certified beech (from the EU / Germany-Austria-Switzerland border)

  • Origin Germany
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