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Djusie's face brush is designed to be used for dry face brushing. With regular dry brushing, you speed up the metabolism of the facial skin and promote the renewal of skin cells!


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Djusie face brush for refreshing face dry brushing!

With the help of the Djusien Face Brush, it is easy to implement a regular and ultimately rewarding face dry brushing ritual, which speeds up the skin's metabolism, promotes the renewal of skin cells, and enhances the supply of oxygen and nutrients. The results can be felt and seen both on the skin and in the body quickly!

What is the benefit of regular dry brushing of the face?
- activates the flow of lymphatic fluids
- maintains the vitality of the skin
- brightens skin color
- effectively reduces swelling

Use: Dry brushing is suitable for all skin types, but inflamed and very sensitive skin should not be brushed. Always brush on dry and cleansed skin. The goal of the Djusie facial brushing ritual is to invigorate lymphatic circulation. A warm or cold shower after brushing cancels the effects of the treatment - that's why it's important to always dry brush after showering.
We recommend the Djusie dry brushing ritual for the face 3-4 times a week.

Goat hair and olive wood


Bristles: Goat hair (China, Tibet)


Wood: Olive wood (EU / Greece, Spain, Italy). Olive trees are only cut down when the trees no longer produce olives.




Goat hair: Goat hair is obtained by spinning. Goats are not raised just for their hair, but goats are domestic animals in China that farmers keep for their meat. The bristles are obtained from Chinese long-haired goats from the Tibetan highlands from several different farmers.

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