DrinkPure Home water filter

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Clean water straight from the tap. The water filter is multi-layered and has a polymer film at its core that purifies water.


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Clean water straight from the tap!

Here's a water filter to be installed in your home like no other! Revolutionary DrinkPure Home reduces pesticides, hormones and drug residues from water and removes limescale, microplastics, rust and unpleasant odors and flavors. This clever filter is the only one on the market that also removes microplastics, microparticles and pathogens like bacteria!
DrinkPure Home is packed with Swiss technology. The filter is multi-layered and has a polymer film at its core that purifies water without chemicals. Billions of small pores in the membrane structure give the filter device a very high flow rate. The filter is very easy to install and incomparably simple to use. It is also easy to remove, for example during washing dishes.
The package includes a DrinkPure Home filter, filter cartridge (pre-installed), softening cartridge (pre-installed), QuickFix adapter and adapters M22 and M24.DrinkPure Home is suitable for standard faucets and taps, with thread M22 and M24. The filter system can also be connected to other adapters such as the M16, 18, 19, 21 and 28. Unfortunately, DrinkPure Home is not suitable for low pressure taps.

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