Egyptian Magic Cream, 118 ml

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Egyptian Magic multi-purpose cream in economy size!


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Egyptian Magic multi-purpose cream in economy size!

A versatile miracle cream that is hailed around the world by celebrities and beauty editors.

Now it's your turn to feel the cream do wonder for your skin! The Egyptian miracle cream has been hailed by, e.g., Madonna, Cameron Diaz, Eva Mendes, and countless other beauties. This unique cream is also used by beauty professionals, dermatologists, and conservationists. The product can be used for tattoos, lips, scars, hair, face cream, lubricant, and soothing ointment, aftershave, and as a makeup remover.

The active substances are 100% natural, mostly produced by diligent bees. For over thirty years, this cream has been based primarily on the same ingredients that Cleopatra is already said to have used in her beauty routines.

These super-substances consist of honey, queen bee jelly, pollen, propolis, beeswax, and olive oil.

Egyptian Magic Cream has countless uses:
- face cream
- makeup base
- moisturizing face mask
- lip balm
- eye cream
- remover for makeup
- after sun cream
- scars
- itchy skin
- itching and small burns
- treats skin irritations
- aftershave
- hair conditioner
- hand and nail cream
- body lotion
- chewy heels and elbows
- moisturizes the vagina and as a lubricant
- massage oil
- care of tattoos
- pregnancy stretch mark and for damaged nipples during breastfeeding
- for the baby.

Each Egyptian Magic jar is carefully made by hand in the United States. This quality product does not contain preservatives, alcohol or water, additives, or perfumes. GMO-free, paraben-free.

INCI: Olea Europea Fruit Oil,Alba Sera,Mel,Pollen,Propolis Cera,Royal Jelly

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"This, combined with Skin Moods dry cupping cups, is the best! Besides, oil is not suitable for silicone, so this good companion instead!"

- Laura