Coconut-Hibiscus Shower Soap Powder, 90 G

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Pamper your skin with the best and most valuable natural products as you shower the sands of sleep from your eyes and the dust of the day from your hair.


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A moment of washing provided by nature will refresh your skin and mind.

Eliah Sahil shower soap powder coconut-hibiscus is mild and made from natural ingredients. This amazingly wonderful-smelling shower soap powder cleans, moisturizes and refreshes the skin. The skin is pleasantly gently cleansed thanks to the soap nuts and the saponins of the fennel and the surfactants do not irritate the skin. Aloe Vera and Ayurvedic plant extracts, on the other hand, help the skin to regenerate. The soap foams lightly, making the skin velvety soft. Thanks to its pH-neutral composition, the powder gently cleanses and does not dry the skin. ICADA-certified organic Eliah Sahil natural cosmetics combine high-quality natural raw materials and caring plant ingredients. Eliah Sahil products are made with care and expertise, respecting the environment and people. The products contain high-quality herbs, flowers, plants and powdered natural minerals, but no water, preservatives, surfactants, alcohol or added fragrances. The packaging is also plastic-free.

Solum Fullonum** (Healing Earth), Acacia Concinna Fruit Powder* (Shikakai), Sapindus Mukorossi Shell Powder* (Soap Nut), Emblica Officinalis Fruit Powder* (Amla), Fuller’s Earth** (Clay), Terminalia Bellirica Fruit Powder* (Bibhitaki), Terminalia Chebula Fruit Powder* (Haritaki), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice* (Aloe Vera), Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba Gum** (Guar Gum), Xanthan Gum**, Parfum** (Natural Perfume Oil), Saponaria Officinalis Root Powder** (Soapwort), Linalool***. *luomu, **luonnollinen, ***eteerisistä öljyistä.

  • Origin Austria
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