Jojoba & Rose Oil, 100 ml

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Lovely, luxurious, rose-scented body oil!


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Lovely, luxurious, rose-scented body oil!

A rich body oil with a delicate rose scent that calms the mind. The oil smoothes and moisturizes the skin, making it soft and glowing with health. The seductive skin oil is packaged in a beautiful glass bottle. In this sophisticatedly charming Jojoba rose oil, the proportion of rose oil is 0.1%, which is obtained from about three hundred grams of real rose flowers.

Eliah Sahil natural cosmetics combine high-quality natural raw materials and nourishing plant ingredients. Treat and Pamper your hair and skin with the best and most valuable natural products.

Eliah Sahil products are made with care and expertise, respecting the environment and people. You will find high-quality herbs, flowers, plants and powdered natural minerals in the products, but no water, preservatives, surfactants, alcohol or added fragrances. More information at www.eliah-sahil.com.
Ingredients/ INCI: Buxus chinesis (jojoba* seed oil), rosa damascena oil*, fragrance, citral**, citronellol**, eugenol*, geraniol**, lilanool**. *Organic, ** Essential oil
  • Origin Austria
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