Because You're Amazing Tea Assortment , 37 g

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20 tea bags

An organic tea assortment with surprise card inside!


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Amazing gift for yourself or a friend!

Because You're Amazing - an organic tea assortment with surprise card inside!

The lid opens on the tea bag and you can hide a message for the tea recipient inside.

The tea collection includes one black tea, one matcha white tea and three decaf herbal infusions:

- Darjeeling black tea
- Matcha cinnamon white tea
- Chocolate rooibos
- Super sweet hibiscus rooibos
- Happy Me fruitfully spicy lemongrass infusion.

English Tea Shop's organic teas are the result of expertise and experience, including working with traditional and respected tea makers in Sri Lanka. By emphasizing traditional brewing methods and reducing the gimmicks of modern industry in tea making, English Tea Shop aims to support sustainability and ecology. Beautifully packaged, quality teas make an excellent gift - and a great treat for yourself. Taste - and sip your way to wellness!

Darjeeling Black Tea, Ingredients: Organic Darjeeling black tea (100%).

White Tea, Matcha & Cinnamon, Ingredients: Organic white tea (56%), organic cinnamon (32%), organic matcha powder (10%), organic ginger (2%).

Chocolate, Rooibos & Vanilla, Ingredients: Organic rooibos (88.5%), organic cocoa nibs (6%), natural flavourings (5%), organic vanilla pods (0.5%).

Super Berries, Ingredients: Organic hibiscus (63%), organic rooibos (19%), natural flavourings (5%), organic spearmint (4%), organic raspberries (3%), organic strawberries (3%), organic blueberries (3%).

Happy Me, Ingredients: Organic lemongrass (34%), organic apple (22%), organic orange peels
(14%), organic ginger root (12%), organic cardamom (8%), organic coriander (4%), organic cinnamon (4%), organic marigold petals (2%).

Store in a dry, cool place.

  • Origin Sri Lanka
  • EAN: 680275060185
  • SKU: ENGLIS-680275060185
  • Packaging text: EN, FI, SE