Pure me detox tea, 30 g

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Once upon a time there was a bloated feel... but no more!


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Detoxing tasty and healthy tea!

Here's an effective, organic herbal blend to ease the bloated feeling Pure me herbal tea contains digestive herbs such as fennel, fenugreek, turmeric, nettle and marigold, which are known for their health-promoting properties. Say goodbye to a bloated feeling - a balanced blend of herbs will refresh and renew your body in no time!

This rejuvenating blend contains fennel, known for its digestive and stomach benefits, which gets the fluids flowing and is therefore a great support for detox treatments.

The nettle is an iron-rich, hearty powerhouse! The modest-looking nettle helps strengthen immunity, promoting heart and prostate health. Nettle is also good for your bones, nails and hair. Nettle rejuvenates the body - so it's a vitality-boosting choice that your body will thank you for and bow down to!

The licorice root in this pound-busting creation will kick-start your metabolism. It also boosts immunity, improves digestion, benefits skin and bone health, provides energy and is good for the urinary and respiratory tract. As tea contains licorice, people suffering from high blood-pressure should avoid excessive consumption.

Turmeric, which is featured in Pure me tea, fights to support your health in a variety of ways including supporting liver, respiratory, bone and nervous system well-being.

Enjoy sizzling hot detoxing tea and delight your body!

Ingredients: Peppermint* 32%, spearmint* 16%, fenugreek* 12%, fennel seed* 10%, elderflower* 8%, turmeric* 5%, lemon peel* 5%, nettle* 4%, rosemary* 3%, licorice root* 3%, marigold* 2%.

* = organic production.

  • Origin Sri Lanka
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