Propolis-Echinacea Drops, 50 ml

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Ehcinacea is an incomparable conqueror of the challenges of the cold season! Also included is propolis, that bees' wonderful gift to the world!


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Propolaid phensatin drops are nature's power at its best

Non alcohol Propolaid phensatin drops are a versatile preparation, where the triple effect of propolis, red hat and the phensatin compound works. Red hat or echinacea is the best helper in the cold season!

Perfect for the whole family! Tastes good too!

The benefits of Echinacea in support of health

Red hat (Echinacea purpurea) strengthens immunity.


The name of propolis comes from Greek; from the words pro and Polis ("for the city") and refers to the layer of resin that protects the beehive. Propolis resin consists of the substances contained in tree buds and bark collected by bees, which they use to keep the hives clean of bacteria, molds and viruses. The beehive is indeed one of the most antiseptic places known. As the ancient Greek name suggests, propolis actually protects the city of bees.

In order to get the full benefits of propolis, it must be condensed into a powerful extract. The main active ingredient of propolis is galangin, and when choosing propolis products you should pay attention to its concentration. The best propolis preparations are made from an extract whose galangin content is standardized to 12 percent.

A phenzatin compound

In the 1990s, Spanish researchers discovered that propolis and red bean worked well together. In chemistry, such a reaction is known as a synergistic interaction. Researchers registered the compound of red bean and propolis under the name phenzatin.

Dosage: according to the instructions on the package

Please do not exceed the recommended dosage and remember that this nutritional supplement does not replace healthy nutrition and other excellent lifestyles. Please don't leave the product in the hands of the smallest members of the family, thank you.

Purified water, fructose, propolis extract (12% galangin), Echinacea purpurea M. extract (4% polyphenols), forest berry flavor, preservative (potassium sorbate).

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