Bilberry raw chocolate 54%, 40 g

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Bilberry bliss!


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Bilberry bliss!

Raw chocolate and wild bilberries are a match made in heaven! This chocolate bar combines the best of two worlds. Bilberries (wild blueberries) from Nordic woods and the raw cacao from the Amazonian rainforest.


Foodin's raw chocolate is made by hand in Vaajakoski, Finland. This velvety chocolate is vegan and does not contain preservatives or additives. 


Foodin – Better food for a better tomorrow! Foodin is a Finnish family company whose products are characterized by high quality, purity, authenticity, and ethical and sustainable production. All the products are also gluten-free. Try them – you’ll love them!

Cocoa nibs*, coconut sugar*, bilberry*, cocoa butter*, coconut flakes*, bacillus coagulans *=organic.

Nutritional content/100g: Energy 468kcal/ 1956kj Fat 35 g -of which saturated 22 g Carbohydrates 31 g -of which sugars 27.7 g Protein 7.3 g Fiber 17.6 g Salt <0.1 g

  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430055214666
  • SKU: FOODIN-6430055214666