Extra Virgin Coconut oil, 1 l

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Super popular coconut oil for your delight!


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Hugely popular coconut oil for vitality!

Coconut oil is a great favorite of our customers and a true source of health and beauty!

This great-tasting coconut oil is a pure natural product, has not been decolorized, perfumed, hardened (hydrogenated) or bleached, and has not been produced using chemicals or high temperatures. Therefore, its color, taste and aroma may vary slightly.

Use: You can use the highly popular coconut oil both externally and internally. For kitchen meals, coconut oil is perfect for baking, milkshakes and making chocolate. Coconut oil is perfect for cooking and frying because it is very resistant to heating. Coconut oil liquefies at about 25 degrees and solidifies in the cold. You can also use coconut oil on bread as a spread or eat it as it is, straight from the jar. Coconut oil is also used in skincare: The oil can be used to make a hair mask, it can be used as a moisturizer, massage oil, etc.

We highly recommend reserving one can of coconut oil for the kitchen and another for the bathroom!

Coconut oil*
*= organic quality

  • Origin Philippines
  • EAN: 6430055212273
  • SKU: GOODIO-6430039200095