Instant Lion’s Mane, 40 g

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A sharp mind makes the difference!


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Hugely popular Lion’s mane in the convenient form!

Foodin, Instant Lion’s Mane, 40 g. Some tasks require extra focus, accuracy, and concentration, for example studying or super demanding work at the office. A sharp mind is an advantage in many ways.


Lion's Mane (Hericium Erinaceus), i.e., the bearded hedgehog mushroom has become extremely popular among health enthusiasts. Lion's Mane mushroom extract powder is one of the most exciting mushrooms! In Japan, Lion's mane has been used for centuries as a remedy and now its popularity grows in the west too!


The double-extracted mushroom powder is produced by extraction in two steps. First, the sponge is extracted with heated water to access the water-soluble active substances, and then an alcohol extraction is performed to access the rest of the active substances. Instant Mane contains 30 % polysaccharides.


Easy to use! Just mix this superfood product into water/liquid and enjoy!


Usage for adults: ½ tsp. Mix in the desired liquid (eg water, coffee, tea) and enjoy! Please note that the recommended daily dose must not be exceeded.


Please Note: Do not exceed the daily dose that has been instructed on the package. Remember that a dietary supplement does not replace a versatile diet or healthy life habits. Please, take care that this product is always out of the reach of the children. Not suitable for those who have fungal allergies. Thank you!



Ingredients: dual-extracted lion's mane

  • Origin China
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