Nordic Chaga, Finnish Chaga, 120 g

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Nordic chaga gives energy to your day!


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Nordic chaga gives energy to your day!

Add power to your life with Finnish nature! This reinforcing and strengthening Chaga groat is made from Finnish wild-growing chaga mushrooms. The chaga is a black mushroom growing on the sides of the birch and is one of the strongest herbal plants in Finnish nature. The chaga-mushroom is dried and roasted, so it is easy to make a healthy tea or coffee. Tea recipe: 1 liter of fresh water, 2 tablespoons of chaga groats. Warm up the water and add the chaga groats. Drop the heat so that the water just slightly bubbles. Let it stew under the cover for 15-60 minutes, then filter the tea. Enjoy with organic honey! Enjoy the hot tea when your mind needs it—even a liter daily can be consumed without worry. NOTICE! Chaga should not be used simultaneously with antibiotics, blood-thinning drugs, penicillin, or glucose. Not recommended for those with mushroom allergies.

  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430051824623
  • SKU: FOODIN-6430051824623