Nutritional yeast flakes + B12 vitamin, 100 g

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Parmesan tasting nutritional yeast with added vitamin B12 – a vegan’s favorite sprinkle!


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A vegan’s favorite sprinkle!

Foodin's nutritional yeast flakes + B12 is a delicious addition to versatile cooking. Nutritional yeast has been called a vegan grated cheese because it tastes parmesan-like and even nutty.
With the help of versatile nutritious yeast flakes, you can enrich your diet quite easily: by sprinkling the flakes on top of food portions. In addition to B vitamins, folic acid and zinc, yeast flakes benefit from a full-bodied flavor that allows them to replace even cheese in many foods.
Dietary yeast is rich in B vitamins, protein and fiber. Vitamin B12 in yeast flakes promotes normal energy metabolism, immune function, and red blood cell production.

Use: Add to salads, sauces, pastas, rice, use with vegetables and potatoes or try among the popcorn
Low-salt, gluten-free and milk-free.

Energia/Energi: 1 419,3kJ /339kcal
Rasva/Fett: 5g
-josta tyydyttyneet/varav mättat fett: 1g
Hiilihydraatit/Kolhydrater: 37g
-joista sokereita/varav sockerarter: 0g
Ravintokuitu/Kostfiber: 21g
Proteiini/Protein: 47g
Suola/Salt: 60mg

B12-vitamiini: 71-155 mcg (3000-6200%*)
Sinkki/Zink: 247mg (2470%*)
Tiamiini/Tiamin: 15mg (1364%*)
Riboflaviini/Riboflavin: 90mg (6429%*)
Niasiini/Niacin: 526 mg (3288%*)
Pantoteenihappo/Pantotensyra: 69-154 mg (1150-2567%*)
Biotiini/Biotin: 30 mcg (60%*)
Folaatti/Folat: 5900mcg (2950%*)

  • Origin Estonia
  • EAN: 6430055213423
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