Raw chocolate cashew nuts, 60 g

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A crunchy snack that will make you smile!


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A crunchy snack that will make you smile!

Mixed with a creamy cashew nut, the taste of delicious raw chocolate is guaranteed. These raw chocolate delicacies are made by hand in Finland.

Cashew*, cocoa beans*, coconut sugar*, cocoa butter*.

* = organic

Allergy notice: May contain residues of other nuts, almonds and berries.

Nutritional content / 100 g
Energy (kJ), 2235
Energy (kcal), 535
Fat (g), 39,5
- of which saturated (g), 19,9
Carbohydrates (g), 39,1
- of which sugars (g), 24,6
Protein (g), 8,8
Salt (g), 0,24
Dietary fiber (g), 3,4

  • Origin Peru
  • EAN: 6430055215328
  • SKU: FOODIN-6430055211849
  • Packaging text: EN, FI, SE