Trail mix, Smart mix (activated trail mix), 70 g

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Better snacks in a handy small bag!


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Better snacks in a handy small bag!

This mixture of power will help you to get through life’s hustles! The activated cashew nuts and turmeric seeds from the Smart-mix go great with mango, goji berries, and raw chocolate. This smart mix is perfect for a forest trip, a brainstorming session, or relaxing. Foodin’s delicious trail mix has been assembled only from the best, highest quality raw materials – activated nuts and seeds, hand-made raw chocolate in Finland, and fruits and berries. Find your favorite! What does the activation of seeds and nuts mean? Activation means, in its simplicity, soaking nuts and seeds and sprouting them by drying them. Thanks to the activation, nuts, and seeds are more easily digested in our bodies, so we can get the valuable nutrients they contain. Thanks to the drying, nuts, and seeds also become crunchy, so they taste even more delicious. The delicious mixture gives you quick, long-lasting, and steady energy when you have a hundred things to do. Flooded with tasty flavors, you’ll also get good fats, fiber, proteins, and minerals. This snack keeps you going. So try yourself and feel the power!

  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430051820687
  • SKU: FOODIN-6430051820687