Rose facial oil, 30 ml

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A Finnish revitalizing and moisturizing rose oil for the face!


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A Finnish revitalizing and moisturizing rose oil for the face!

The aromatherapy, organic oil makes the skin velvety soft and helps the skin retain its moisture.

The organic jojoba, apricot stone, and almond oils in the facial oil moisturize and balance the skin's oil production. Midsummer rose extract prevents wrinkles, and the development of coupe rose areas.

Authentic aromatherapeutic essential oils (rose, grapefruit, petitgrain, orange, frankincense) are essential oils that revitalize skin tissue's healthy functioning.

To use: Apply to cleansed face & neck.
* Simmondsia chinensis Jojoba oil. An oily organic wax with proteins and antioxidants that treat and revitalize skin functions.
*Prunus armeniaca Apricot stone oil. Organic oil squeezed from apricot stones for treating the skin and making it shine
*Prunus amydgalus dulcis     Almond oil. Organic oil that softens the skin, normalizes the fat balance and heals burns.
*Rosa pimpinellifolia    Organic oil extract made from the flowers of Finnish rose varieties. Also treats sagging, stressed skin and prevents couperose skin, the expansion of superficial veins.
*Rosa damascena    Organic essential oil of Damask rose. Open your heart to happiness and add a touch of summer to your face. Prevents couperose skin.
Citrus paradisi    Grapefruit, an aromatherapeutic essential oil. Refreshes skin tissue metabolism and eliminates swelling.
Citrus aurantium    Petitgrain, an aromatherapeutic essential oil. Lifts the mood and disinfects the skin.
Citrus sinensis    Orange, aromatherapeutic essential oil.  A relaxing and mood-enhancing fragrance oil that improves skin tone.
Boswellia carteri    Frankincense, aromatherapeutic essential oil. A highly prized oil for dry and aging skin. It also calms the mind.
Cympopogon martini    Palmarosa, aromatherapy essential oil. An antibacterial oil that balances sebum secretion and heals old scars and broken blood vessels.
Pelargonium asperum    Geranium, an aromatherapeutic essential oil. Eliminates swelling and relieves aging skin.
*Rosa canina    Floral therapeutic extract of dog rose. Brings new vitality to skin cells and creates positivity and feelgood. Gives skin a bright, radiant and happy glow.
* =organic
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