Solar Power Green Powder, 50 g

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Vitality from Nordic nature!


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Vitality from Nordic nature!

Frantsila Herb Farm's famous Solar Power Herb Powder blend will revive your body from its winter rest! A refreshing and invigorating health treat to sprinkle on porridge or yoghurt.

Use: 1 teaspoon 3 times a day, sprinkled over food or with a drink. Use as a couple of weeks' diet.

This product contains nettle:

- Promotes normal skin health

- Promotes normal prostate health

- Strengthens immunity

- Promotes cardiovascular health

- Promotes normal respiratory health

- Renews the body

- Bone structure, nails, hair happy thanks to the ingestion of nettle

- good for respiratory health

Please note that the recommended daily intake stated should not be exceeded.

Please also know that this product is not a substitute for a varied diet or other healthy lifestyle habits.

Please keep this product out of the reach of young children, thank you!
Urtica dioica*, Medicago sativa*, Daucus carota*, Origanum vulgare*, Petroselinum crispum*, Achillea millefolium*, Levisticum officinale*, Taraxacum officinalis*, Stellaria media*.
* = Organic
  • Origin Finland
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