Geisha Shave Soap, Unscented, 75 g

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Geisha shaving soap moisturizes and prepares the skin for shaving with shea butter and coconut oil to save your skin from irritation. The unscented soap is also perfect for washing the intimate area.


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Geisha sheivaussaippua taistelee ylikulutusta vastaan!

The new reduced style of the Geisha Shaver product line is simple, delicate, and sensitive, which aims to fight against overconsumption. Completely natural and vegan shaving bar soap is handmade in Finland.

Geisha shaving cream moisturizes and prepares the skin for shaving, softening the hair and making the skin slippery, where the shaver glides without friction. The shea butter contained in the product makes the shaving process very skin-friendly, as the nutrient-rich shea butter effectively moisturizes the skin.

With the help of the coconut oil contained in Shave soap, the shaver glides over the skin effortlessly, which helps you avoid red pimples and irritated skin after shaving.

Geisha Shave Soap is in the form of a bar of soap and can be used in the traditional style by hand or by lathering with a shaving brush. The product is suitable for whole-body hair removal!

Fragrance-free shaving soap is particularly suitable for sensitive and dry skin and also for shaving the intimate area.

Use of Geisha Shave Soap: Dissolve a bar of soap between your hands and apply it to the skin area to be shaved. You can lather the bar soap with a wet washcloth directly from the surface of the bar. Geisha Shave bar soap is a very ecological alternative thanks to its waterlessness. Efforts have also been made in the product packaging to minimize material costs, and compared to many shaving foams in anther bottles, the Shave Soap is a very smart alternative.

The Geisha Shaver brand offers an ecological and sustainable way to shave, without unnecessary plastic waste. Completely natural and vegan shave bar soap is handmade in Finland.

Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate,Ricinus Communis Seed Oil,Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Parfum,Cocos Nucifera Oil,Kaolin

  • Origin Finland
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