Geisha Shaver Butterfly

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Hair removal is easy and comfortable with Geisha Shaver, as the blades are easy to change without fear of cutting your fingertips. Eco-friendly, of course!


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Geisha Shaver gives you smooth legs easily over and over again!

Get rid of body hair in no time and in zero waste style with the Geisha Shaver!

Stylish and smart, the Geisha shaver is an eco-friendly alternative to disposable hair removal tools. So you can get rid of your hair without unnecessary and environmentally harmful plastic waste.

With the Geisha Shaver, you can shave your hair efficiently, ecologically and gently without irritating your skin.

The Geisha Shaver is made from durable material and replacement blades are available. All DE blades should go in this unless you use a specially designed blade.

Made from Zinc Alloy and brass, the product is corrosion resistant and rustproof. This material is also lighter in weight compared to stainless steel. Please note that people allergic to nickel may react to these materials.

One replacement blade is included in the package and when they run out, additional blades can be purchased from us. Used replacement blades should be recycled as metal.

PS: Although the Geisha shaver may be a bit aimed at women, it is also suitable for men :)

The Geisha shaver's blades are made of stainless steel. However, please note that stainless steel will also rust if left wet. We therefore recommend to dry the blade carefully after use.

Assembling the Geisha Shaver: watch the video for instructions!



  • Origin China
  • EAN: 6430076876102
  • SKU: GEISHA-6430076876102

"I have not missed the plastic junks after getting the Geisha shaver. It´s super easy to change the blades, and you can get new blades with a large box."

- Sofia