Geisha Shaver, Zero Waste

Geisha Shaver, Zero Waste

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Geisha Shaver beats disposable hair removal products 6–0!


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Geisha Shaver beats disposable hair removal products 6–0!

Geisha Shaver is a stylish and ecological alternative to disposable razors. The efficient safety razor does its job without leaving plastic waste behind.

The Geisha Shaver works gently but effectively without irritating. It is made of durable material with interchangeable razor blades. The product is made of Zinc Alloy, which keeps corrosion and is stainless. This material is also thinner compared to stainless steel.

The package includes 5 razor blades, and when they run out, you can buy new ones at Ruohonjuuri. You can take the used razor blades to the metal recycling.

P.S Although the Geisha Shaver is designed for women, it is equally suitable for men if only the color pleases.

  • Origin China
  • EAN: 6430062923803
  • SKU: GEISHA-6430062923803

"The best shaver there is."

- Pia

"I find myself wondering how am I have ever been able to live without this – so beautiful, practical, and always ready for me!"

- Tarleena