Arriba Raw Chocolate, 48 g

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Luxurious velvety raw chocolate - an unforgettable taste experience!


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Luxurious velvety raw chocolate - an unforgettable taste experience!

Arriba Raw Chocolate is amazingly soft and delicious chocolate in the Goodio raw chocolate family. The deliciously full-bodied aroma of this nutritious raw chocolate is obtained by grinding cacao beans for two days in a stone mill at a low temperature.

Goodio chocolates are made by hand in Helsinki, and the ingredients are organic, raw, and mainly wild natural products. Cacao beans and other ingredients are ground in stone mills, which gives the chocolate a velvety and rich taste, respecting the cacao and its origin. Good for body, mind, and environment. - It's all good!

Ingredients: cocoa beans *, coconut palm sugar *, cocoa butter *, vanilla *. * = Organic.
May contain small amounts of nuts

Nutritional content / 100 g:
energy 2002 kJ / 480 kcal
protein 8.7 g,
carbohydrates 50.3 g,
of which, sugars 26.4g,
fat 27.1g,
of which saturated fat 15.8g.
salt 0.00g.

  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430049204871
  • SKU: GOODIO-6430049200163