Oat Strawberry Snack, 40 g

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Gentle oats and sweet strawberries, with a touch of chocolate - and gluten-free! This delicious snack will ward off hunger and drive away sweet cravings, delighting the senses and caressing the tongue.


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A modern snack brings that extra kick to your day!

A particularly lovely fennel-infused luxury chocolate is a vegan and all-round charming companion. Take a bite and be charmed immediately!

Goodio was created so that we can set an example and influence the way companies do business, the choices consumers make and, in doing so, have a positive impact on the well-being of the planet and its people. At Goodio we do not use unethically produced cocoa, our beans currently come from Peru, Ecuador and the Republic of Congo. We pay around 2-4 times the world market price for cocoa (ICCO) for our beans," says Goodio founder Jukka Peltola.

Oat flour*, cocoa beans*, cocoa butter*, gluten-free oats*, coconut palm sugar*, strawberry*. (*Organic.)

May contain nuts: cashew

A new-age snack made from Finnish gluten-free oats and freeze-dried strawberries. This gluten-free delight will liven up your day with a crunchy sweet touch.

As a company, Goodio is a pioneer of fairness, for whom radical transparency, social responsibility and ecological sustainability are important values.

Try it and love it!

  • Origin Finland
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