Cranberry Juice, 500 ml

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Delicious, Finnish cranberry juice!


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Delicious, Finnish cranberry juice!

Here, to support well-being, a bottle of 100% cold-pressed cranberry juice contains no added sugar or additives. Dilute 1: 9.

Cranberry juice is a bitter drink that overwhelms with its health effects. Cranberries contain e.g. Vitamin C and carotenoids as well as minerals and trace elements. Vitamin C promotes the normal functioning of the immune system and protects cells from oxidative stress and helps reduce fatigue and exhaustion!

Greenfinn's products are made by cold pressing, rapid pasteurization, and cooling. Greenfinn's fresh juices contain a lot of health-enhancing berry meat.

Ingredients: Cranberry (100%). Dilutable

  • Origin Finland
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