Lingonberry Crushed Powder, 75 g

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Lively lingonberry to boost especially your feminine health! Powerful antioxidant-rich berry fights for your well-being.


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Lively lingonberry to boost your health.

Greenfinn´s, Lingonberry Crushed Powder, 75 g. Approximately 0.7 kg of lingonberry has been used to make Lingonberry Crushed Powder.

Greenfinn's berry crushed powders are full of vitamins and good nutrition. You can mix them with for example smoothies, yogurt, or sprinkle on porridge. Berry crushed powders can also be used in baking.

Lingonberry contains for example vitamin C that supports our immune system and helps to reduce fatigue and exhaustion. It also promotes the normal forming of collagen for the normal function of cartilages, veins, bones, skin, and teeth. Lingonberry is also popular in beauty products.

Lingonberries are especially known for their popularity among those interested in the well-being of their urinary tract.

Try it and enjoy!

Ingredients: 100% lingonberry. Country of origin: Finland

Nutritional content per 100 g: Energy 428Kcal/1107kj Fat 14 g Carbohydrates 51 g of which sugars 21 g Protein 23 g Salt 2.5 mg Vitamin A 18 micrograms Vitamin C 127 mg Vitamin E 26 micrograms Calcium 64 mg Magnesium 71 g Zinc 2 mg

  • Origin Finland
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