Dental Floss Sticks (Dental Floss), Carbon

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For the joy of your gums!


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For the joy of your gums!

Here's a great product from Humble Brush to support your dental health! These eco-friendly dental floss sticks are made mostly of corn starch and plant-based plastic and are packed in a paper bag!

With these easy-to-use dental floss sticks, you can cleanly remove even the most stubborn food residues.

Flossing the teeth is an important routine in dental hygiene because only the most difficult places between the teeth can be reached with dental floss. Flossing prevents gingivitis, tooth decay, and tartar.

Use dental floss sticks daily and let your smile shine!
  • Origin Sweden
  • EAN: 7350075692741
  • SKU: HUMBLE-7350075692741