Eco toothbrush, black

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The Humble Brush Eco toothbrush is a smart choice.


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Handy bamboo brush in black

The Humble Brush Eco toothbrush is a sustainable choice! Humble Brush toothbrushes are tested BPA (bisphenol-A) free. The bristles are made of nylon-6.

Humble Brush toothbrush handle is made of 100% biodegradable bamboo. Bamboo is the fastest growing material on earth. It's naturally antibacterial, and no fertilizers or pesticides are needed to grow it. As a toothbrush handle, bamboo is ideal because it is a naturally non-slip material. The overall eco-friendliness continues in the packaging: the brush is packaged in a transparent and biodegradable, fully plant-based wrapper. The cardboard packaging of the brush is made of 100% recycled material.

The stem of the Humble Brush can be cut off for compost, but unfortunately not the bristles, which go into energy or mixed waste.

For every brush sold, Humble Brush will donate one brush to the Humble Smile Foundation for development aid.

Choose yours from five colour options: blue, purple, yellow, black and white. All brushes are soft. The Humble Brush's brush design is ergonomic and simple in style.The eco-friendly bamboo brush lasts just as long as mass-produced plastic brushes.

Material: sustainably grown bamboo, nylon -6

  • Origin Sweden
  • EAN: 7350075690051
  • SKU: HUMBLE-7350075690051