Humble Brush Toothbrush Sensitive, 2 Pcs/Pack

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Plant stem, soft brush


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An eco-toothbrush either for yourself or for guests

The Humble Brush Sensitive toothbrush is made of plant-based material, 70% of which is corn starch and 30% recyclable plastic. The bristles of Humble Brush toothbrushes are tested BPA (bisphenol-A) free.
The material of the bristles is nylon-6.

Two-in-one package is a good home supply - also to give to overnight guests!

The holistic ecology also continues in the packaging: the brush is packed in a transparent and biodegradable, completely plant-based wrapper. The cardboard packaging of the brush is made of 100% recycled material. At the end of their useful life, these brushes belong to energy or mixed waste.

For every brush sold, Humble Brush donates one brush to development aid through the Humble Smile Foundation.

The Humble Brush does not lose to "ordinary toothbrushes" in any respect - but beats them in ethics, ecology and style 6-0!
70% cornstarch, 30% recyclable plastic. Nylon bristle. Recyclable pasteboard package.
  • Origin Estonia
  • EAN: 7350075693809
  • SKU: HUMBLE-7350075693809
  • Packaging text: EN