Amethyst, Rough-cut, 20-40 mm

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The beautiful purple amethyst is a stone of high vibration, representing serenity, balance, inner peace and energy. An ideal stone to support meditation!


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The best friend of meditation!

Infinita, amethyst pieces 20-40 mm. Amethyst is a stone with high vibrations, ideal for meditation. It's valued for its ability to help create balance, patience and inner peace by stabilizing emotions.

Amethyst is a stone for those interested in consciousness and higher intuition, bringing clarity to a confused mind. Amethyst is also a favourite for those seeking peace, tranquility and peace of mind.

Amethyst is also known as the traveler's stone, carried with one when traveling to explore new places as it is perceived as a powerful protector.

Amethyst stimulates the throat chakra, purifies the aura, transforms energy into positivity and calms the mind.

Amethyst is also a very beautiful stone and makes an excellent gift idea! Infinita stones are a delight to give as a gift, as they are collected with ethical< values in mind.
Amethyst rough-cut
  • Origin Brazil
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