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Detox patches to support your wellbeing


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Detox patches to support your wellbeing.

The DETOX cleansing patch is a natural and easy-to-use, body-gentle foot patch. The DETOX cleansing patch is made from 100% natural ingredients.

Instructions for use : Remove the protective paper from the tape side of the patch. Place the Detox Patch “suction pad” in the center of the patch so that the green text side of the suction pad is against the patch tape. Before going to bed, apply the Detox cleansing patch to a clean, dry foot so that the suction part is against the foot's bottom, on top of the kidney zone. For best results, remove the patch after 8-10 hours. The patches can be applied to both feet at the same time for faster results. The patches are used for at least 5 consecutive nights as a course. The patches can also be used alternately on the right and left foot for at least 10 consecutive nights. Repeat the regimen 3-5 times a year. Drinking plenty of fresh water daily promotes cleansing!

The patch has been developed in Japan as a result of years of research.

NOTE! If you are allergic to shellfish, you are pregnant, or breast-feeding, ask your doctor first about using the patches, not for children under 10 years of age. Please do not use it on broken skin. Store in a dry and cool place.

Wood vineger Distillate 12%, Bamboo Vineger Distillate 50 %, Carapace 1%, Combined Plant power Distillate 6%, Vitamine C 1%, Tourmaline (Contain Iron) 12%, Cornstarch 11%, Minus Ion 7 %. Yhteensä 5g

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