Flower of Life Spike Mat Eco

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Lying on an acupressure mat alleviates stress and improves your wellbeing in various ways!


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Lying on an acupressure mat alleviates stress and improves your wellbeing in various ways!

Spike Mat benefits for your well-being:
- Muscle tightness and emotional blockages are released
- Relieves digestive problems and removes harmful slag products from the body
- Relieves back problems and muscle tension
- Blood circulation is made more efficient, and the body's oxygen uptake is improved
- Relaxes and helps with stress symptoms, difficulty sleeping, and depression
- Raises the general energy level and helps you to cope better
- Reduces pain
- Can lower blood pressure
- Can strengthen resilience
- Can improve metabolism
- Reduces inflammation

Spike Mat Usage:
You can use the spike mat every day for 15-30 minutes at a time or as long as it feels good. It is not dangerous to fall asleep on the spike mat. When you lie down on the mat, you may first feel a slight pain that disappears after a while when the body's feel-good hormones, such as endorphins and oxytocin, kick in. When these hormones reach the blood, it naturally relieves pain. The increased blood circulation means that a pleasant feeling of warmth spreads in the body. During the treatment, the mat's spikes activate thousands of points in our bodies. Blockages and voltages are released, and the energy can flow freely!

We do not recommend using the mat if you are taking blood-thinning medication.

In the beginning, the spike mat's beneficial effects can feel strong and cause emotional reactions during or after the treatment. The reactions can vary from person to person in different situations. The responses are caused by the strong energy that is released in the body.

Life Flower material: Eco-HIPS (Biodegradable impact-resistant polystyrene). A number of life flowers in the Spike Mat: 221, 19 spikes in one flower of life.I

Organic cotton, organic linen, organic coconut, Eco-HIPS (biodegradable polystyrene)

  • Origin China
  • EAN: 6430034201441
  • SKU: INFINI-6430034201441

"This beautiful acupunctural mat is perfectly relaxing. The linen texture makes it especially pleasant to use. Everyday luxury, I´d say."

- elina