Fluorite, Rough-cut, 20-40 mm

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Who needs negative energy around them! Purifying fluorite is known as a neutralizer of negative energies and a purifier of the aura and chakras. Beautiful to look at as well!


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To expel negative energy.

Infinita, Fluorite rough-cut 20-40 mm. It would be so nice if life was always sunny, if there was a mental balance and if the birds sang every day. But sometimes a difficult life situation inevitably causes negative energy in our paradise.

Fluorite is used to ground excess energy and release emotional baggage. It's considered quite effective in neutralizing negative energies in the environment. It is also a good stone for clearing the aura and chakras. On a physical level, the stone is associated with the upper abdomen.

Infinita stones are a pleasure to buy for yourself and make excellent gifts as they are collected with ethical values in mind.

Fluorite rough-cut


  • Origin China
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