Palo Santo Wooden Stick

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Burning stick made from holy wood will bring a warm and slightly sweet wood scent into your home while cleansing the air of unpleasant energies, bringing good mood and peace of mind!


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Smoke the negative energy out!

Light a Palo Santo wood stick when you feel the need to cleanse yourself, increase your energy flow or even to support meditation. The good luck and feel-good scent of Palo Santo creates an energetic shield against negative energies.

"Called the 'holy tree', Palo Santo blooms at Christmas time and has a strong natural aroma, a wonderfully warm and slightly sweet woody scent. Palo Santo, like white sage, is suitable for various ceremonies and for cleansing your home energies and your own energy field. 

Cleaning the energies of your home / space with a Palo Santo wooden stick:

Light the Palo Santo wood stick and let the flame burn for about 30 seconds. Extinguish the flame by waving and leave to smoke. If you want a stronger fragrance, you can relight the stick once or twice and extinguish by waving it. You will not burn the match out in one go, but you can use it again several times.

Note: Do not draw the smoke from the stick directly into your breath. Please use a non-flammable pad when burning Palo Santo wood sticks.

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