Rose Quartz Tealight Lantern

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Rose quartz represents love, creativity and feminine energy. It has been used throughout the ages to enhance love on all levels, relieving stress and grief. Rose quartz is also an incredibly beautiful stone, so a rose quartz sparkle works brilliantly as a decorative element and makes a great gift idea!


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Light up your room and mind!

Rose quartz is the stone of the heart and connects you to universal love. The romantic rose quartz has been known throughout the ages as a stone of unconditional love. Rose quartz opens a channel for creativity and expands the imagination.

Rose quartz is gentle on both body and soul and evokes a sense of inner love. It enhances love on all levels, supporting relationships, romance, feminine energy and self-esteem.

Rose quartz is also used to clear anger, fear, guilt and sadness - all kinds of thoughts that cause stress and tension.

Above all, rose quartz is a very beautiful stone, so this gorgeous stone is a naturally beautiful decorative element and a wonderful gift!
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