Black Soap, Liquid, 200 ml

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Cleanses your skin making it smooth and soft.


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Cleanses your skin making it smooth and soft.

Organic black soap is known for its good antiseptic properties and gentleness. Inkuto's black soap is suitable for all skin and hair types, but we recommend it especially for babies, the elderly, and other sensitive skin. It makes the skin smooth and soft.

The Inkuto's original black soap comes from Ghana. It is produced in small batches by hand, using ancient traditional methods and following fair trade and organic production principles. It does not contain added chemicals such as preservatives, color enhancers, or fragrances.
INCI: cocos nucifera oil, theobroma cacao pod ashes, water
  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430032350479
  • SKU: INKUTO-6430032350479