Shea butter, in jar, natural, 120 ml

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A skin repairing and rejuvenating protection cream.


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A skin repairing and rejuvenating protection cream.

Shea butter made from the fruit of African shea butter enhances cell regeneration and repairs the hydrolipid layers of the skin. Therefore, it softens, smoothes and soothes the skin. Perfect for the treatment of the face, body or hair, it may contain natural protective agents against UV radiation. Shea butter is suitable for the whole family from baby to granddaughter. Multi-purpose shea butter is a pure natural product and does not contain added dyes, fragrances or other additives.

Karite butter has been used on the African continent for centuries and is a key part of the history and culture of the West African wooden bath area. Shea butter is mentioned in almost every historical documentary in Africa, including as early a reference as Cleopatra’s Egyptian era, to caravans carrying shea butter in clay pots for cosmetic purposes. The deathbeds of kings were carved from the trunks of old Shea trees, and shea butter has always been a staple of African medicine. Shea butter is an oil obtained from the nuts of natural trees growing in a wood bath.

Shea butter.

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