Macaccino, original reishi, 250 g

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Refresh your mind and body without caffeine!


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The Vegan Society

Maca cocoa for strength and joy in the morning or evening!

Macaccino is a delicious energy drink that combines all the benefits from organic maca and reishi with the rich favour of cacao, perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the lucuma fruit.

This warming nutritional elixir will nourish and stimulate your mind and body, giving you the energy required to kick-start your day, without the negative effects that caffeine can bring.

Cacao powder* (35%), maca root powder*, reishi mushroom powder* (13%), lucuma powder* (10%), coconut sugar*, ceylon cinnamon powder*.

*Organic ingredients.

  • Origin Portugal
  • EAN: 5600872801726
  • SKU: ISWARI-5600872801726