Pine Bark Extract Drink, 500 ml
Pine Bark Extract Drink, 500 ml

Pine Bark Extract Drink, 500 ml

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An antioxidant-rich and fortifying softwood extract drink is a 100% herbal choice that will unleash your strength and bring more vitality to your life!


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Natural and additive-free Karin's Pine Extract Drink suitable for all ages!

Karin's Pine Bark Extract Drink is made from the bark and phloem of young pine, and spring water. And does not contain any colorants, additives, or preservatives. Suitable for all ages!

Ready to drink as is and suitable for daily use. 

Storage: Opened in the refrigerator. Use within a good week.

The drink is made from pure spring water and the bark of young pine*.



Enjoy daily - a daily dose of 1 dl contains about 35 mg of pine bark extract substances (oligomeric proanthocyanidins).

  • Origin Finland
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