Chocolate Raspberries, 60 g

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Marvelously mighty good sugar-free raspberry in a chocolate coat


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A mouth-watering wonderful raw chocolate grain, with raspberries inside - heavenly

Chocolate and raspberries - a super tasty combination! A super good combination of raw chocolate and tasty freeze-dried organic raspberries. And of course to everyone else who also wants to reduce their sugar consumption!

Sweet raspberries in a delicious chocolate glaze. The heavenly taste pleases both children and adults. The low cooking temperature and the particularly gentle handling of the chocolate guarantee that vitamins, enzymes and other useful ingredients have been preserved in the product. Cocoa content: 82%.
You just have to taste - yummy!

cacao bean *, Erythritol *, freeze-dried raspberry * (10%), vanilla powder *, sunflower lecithin, sea salt * organic

Nutritional content / 100 g: Energy: 2215 kJ / 529 kcal Fat: 50.9 g - of which saturated fat: 30.8 g Carbohydrates: 5.4 g - of which sugars: 3.1 g Protein: 6.7 g Salt: < 0.1 g Dietary fiber: 11.6 g

  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430077360068
  • SKU: KETOKA-6430077360068
  • Packaging text: FI, SE