Khadi Color Preparation, 100 g

Khadi Color Preparation, 100 g

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Vegetal dyes need a slightly different approach to hair colouring and pre-treating the hair will dramatically improve the result while caring for the hair and scalp.


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Pre-treatment helps the plant colours to shine and blossom!

Khadi's pre-treatment is designed to bring out the brilliance of the colours in the best possible way! In vegetable dyeing, the actual colour is only applied to the hair after washing. This pre-treatment washes away the "colour-repellent" elements and makes the hair more receptive to the vegetable dyes.

This pre-treatment gives you more intense colour results and the colour will stick more firmly than without!

Khadi's pre-treatment is more than just a colour enhancing pre-pigmentation for your hair colour, it also contains Senna/Cassia, which is like a revitalizing keratin treatment for your hair. It strengthens and protects your hair and smooths damaged hair.

As a base colour, Khadi Color Prep gives your roots a warm golden blonde or intense copper tone, making it the perfect base colour!

Ziziphus moisturises your hair using the traditional Ayurvedic method to restore its natural shine from the inside out. Henna, on the other hand, adds a warm tone.

Try it for yourself and see the difference!

Cassia auriculata leaf powder*, Lawsonia inermis leaf powder*, Ziziphus jujuba leaf powder*, Ziziphus spina-christi leaf powder*. 100 % organic of total * from organic agriculture

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