Retractable Kabuki Brush

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Stylish and easy-to-carry kabuki brush for beauty queens!


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A neat brush even for travels!

A stylish and easy retractable kabuki brush with its own protective case. The Kabuki Brush makes it easy to apply mineral make-up beautifully and naturally, while also providing much-needed coverage.

The brush is ideal for use with mineral make-up bases. You can also use the kabuki to blend foundation and blushes. Suitable for use with both cream and powder make-up.

Ruohonjuuri's staff voted Flow Cosmetics the best Finnish natural cosmetics range of 2020.

Here's how our panel justified their choice. "Flow Cosmetics' natural cosmetics are handmade in Finland, with solid professionalism and a big heart. The boldly renewed, holistically caring range offers a comprehensive selection of products that pamper the skin and mind. Flow Cosmetis deserves a special mention for its transparency, both in terms of raw materials and other activities."
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