Kraus Original, 500 g

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Kraus guaranteed organic quality! Yerba mate is your best mate!


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Kraus guaranteed organic quality!

Traditional Argentinian organic quality yerba mate herbal tea in a fair package!

This drink contains the leaves and twigs of the yerbamate bush in a suitably gentle blend. Traditional and unflavoured, you can drink it as it is. Or why not spice it up to your own taste with some lovely lemon or honey.

Kraus' unique non-smoked drying method ensures that the mate is the purest possible, without carcinogens.

The drink is traditionally enjoyed from a special mate cup with a filter straw.

Maté is an evergreen and energizing tea drink. Get yours now!

100 % Organic Yerba mate. Kraus manufactures organic mate according to Fair trade principles.

  • Origin Argentina
  • EAN: 7798059750023
  • SKU: KRAUS-7798059750023