Toner, Balancing Essence Refill, 150 ml

Toner, Balancing Essence Refill, 150 ml

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The facial toner is easy to refill from the refill pack! Easy to use and easy to carry, just spray and your skin will thank you!


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The toner is easy to use and refill, just spray it on!

The Laponie of Scandinavia Balancing Essence Refill is easy to fill with the Laponie of Scandinavia refill. Effectively moisturising and balancing, the sensitive and problem skin treatment water is a multi-purpose helper!

The Laponie of Scandinavia Face Toner is a moisturising, soothing and balancing top quality face toner.

Filling the toner is easy: transfer the toner from the refill into the 50 ml spray bottle of the range or apply directly from the refill onto a cotton pad or hands and apply to the face.

Face Toner is a high quality, gentle toner that treats your lovely skin with a multi-powered ectoin amino acid derivative, smoothing blistering algae and soothing liquorice root.

The toner is developed and manufactured in Finland. Contains no added fragrances or alcohol. It is also vegan, plant-based and gluten-free. 

Instructions for use of Face Toner:

1. Transfer the toner from the refill bottle to a 50 ml spray bottle or apply directly from the refill to a cotton pad or hands and apply to the face.

2. Also suitable for use on the eye contour and under make-up.

Tip 1: Dry skin? Moisturise dry skin by layering conditioner on the skin.

Tip 2: Apply to a washcloth and use as a sheet mask to soothe irritated skin - without waste.

Tip 3: For emulsifier-sensitive skin, the toner can be used with the face oil from the same range to replace a moisturiser: mix the toner with the face oil in the palm of your hand and apply to the face.

The product is packaged in a bottle, with a cap and label made of plastic. Please remember to recycle.

Laponie of Scandinavia: simple and functional skincare series for your daily skin needs

The simplified but effective products of the Laponie of Scandinavia skincare series developed in Finland contain only a few carefully selected raw materials. The Laponie of Scandinavia vegan products are created with unwavering professionalism. The high-quality products in the series do not contain added fragrances and are suitable for even sensitive skin.


  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430065700074
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