Mineral makeup powder, Blondie, 10 g

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A fabolous mineral makeup powder with Spf 15. Try and fall in love!


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A marvelous mineral makeup powder – also includes a sunscreen spf 15!

The high-quality mineral make-up powder that has earned praise from the Lily Lolo series is a reliable life partner.

This is a very fine mineral make-up base that's perfect for all skin types and includes SPF15 sunscreen.

Make-up bases can be layered for an opaque yet ball-like finish. The product is made from natural ingredients that help keep skin healthy and minimize tonal differences and blemishes.

Lily Lolo Mineral Makeup Base is internationally known for its luminous finish, remarkable durability and lightweight texture. Also great for dirty and sensitive skin.

Lily Lolo Mineral Makeup Powder has acclaimed features:

- Lockable lid that doesn't leak or clutter
- SPF15 (sun protection factor 15), which protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun
- Contains a light-reflecting Mica mineral that fades skin blemishes and makes the skin smoother
- Waterproof
- Oil-free composition for every skintype
- Contains Active Antibacterial Ingredients
- Vegan Choice

Use with Super Kabuki Brush for Flawless Results

Mineral Makeup Powder Tips :

Apply moisturizer or serum to face and allow to absorb for a few minutes. Your face should be dry for best results.
Sprinkle loose powder slightly on the lid of the jar and rotate with a Kabuki brush. Tap the excess powder on the edge of the lid.
Apply the mineral make-up base to the face in a circular motion until the base blends into the skin. Lay until the opacity is sufficient.

Lily Lolo, which also shines in Ruohonjuuri selections, is a cult-famous, natural cosmetic-grade mineral makeup series, named after Vikki Khan from England, named after her sisters Lisa (Lily) and Lorraine (Lolo).
Over the years, the Lily Lolo mineral makeup series has grown into an internationally acclaimed and big-loved beauty brand that is sold in hundreds of top salons and carefully selected stores (like ours in Ruohonjuuri) around the world.

Lily Lolo makeup combines high quality, a comprehensive range of shades and acclaimed compositions. The Lily Lolo range never uses parabens, synthetic fragrances or colorants, but uses only natural ingredients. substances that are also suitable for most sensitive and allergic people.

The founding siblings of the series are particularly proud of the Lily Lolo Cruelty-Free certificate, which guarantees that finished products or the raw materials used in them are not tested on animals at any stage.


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